Getting started with our API

Thanks for trying our API. Please note that as you will see most of our services are available in the IATA NDC Schema version 16.2, while a few are still in 15.2.

The following is a list of the functions presently available in our API together with fhe evolution of improvements being released.

As you can see we are vey busy constantly working to deliver the best experience possible. We are listing to our customers and encourage you to send us your feedback and suggestions.

Release Version NDC Capabilities
R1.1 Shopping Availability & Pricing, Ordering & Issuance.
R1.2 Basic Seat Request & Baggage, Order retrieve, Order cancel & Order change (limited to contact modification)
R2.1 Post sale issuance with AirDocIssue (I) Time limit Offer info, Fare Rules, Baggage Allowances
R2.2 Credit Card payment, First SSRs, Basic Seat Map
R2.3 Full Refund of unused tickets (Voiding docuements cancelled on the same day as issue), Private Fares, Name Correction (max 3 characters), Seats & Bags post sale.
R2.4 Voluntary Changes (Date,Time and Class).  Basic Commissions in applicable markets.
R2.5 Refunds of partially used tickets. Bug fixes and performance improvements.
R2.6 Resident Discounts for Spanish Market.
R2.7 Large Family Discounts for Spanish Market and Order List
R2.8-2.15 OrderList returning by default only live Orders. 
R2.16 Reporting Service fee (for Resident and Large Family Discounts) and Duplicate names control
R2.17-2.19 Emergency Contact added and improvements handling Agengy/seller contact details.
R2.20-2.21 Cancel, split and change for some passenger in an order. Associate infant to any adults. Private Fares
R2.22 Partial cancelation (some passengers from Order).
R2.23 Refund Private Fares. Improvements in OrderChange, ItinReshop and improvements handling different currencies
R2.24 Bug fixes and performance improvements.
R2.25-2.26 Partial changes (ItinReshop and OrderChange for some passengers in Order). Improved payment error responses.
R2.27 Bug fixes and performance improvements.
R2.28 Improvements in handling cancellations and refunds, same day Voiding of E-tickets and EMD's and auto refunding to credit cards.
R2.29 Improvements in information returned for Orders modify ouside of NDC (Involuntary changes, direct with Airline).
R2.30 Retry Credit Card payment.
R2.31 Improvements in Ancillaries services
R2.32 Aditional improvements in information returned for Orders modify ouside of NDC (Involuntary changes, direct with Airline).
R2.33-2.36 Bug fixes and performance improvements.
R2.37 Separation of Private from Public Fares in AirShopping Response. 
R2.38 Improvements on the OrderViewRS when retrieving Orders that have been voluntarily or involuntarily modified from outside of NDC 


Refunds within 24 hours of purchase of Ancillaries added to Orders in servicing flow.


Ability for a Seller to include a simple remark up to 30 characters in the Order that is returned in all Views. Usefull for cross-referencing. Improved Ancillary Bag association.


Inclusion of FareBasis in AirShoppingRS allowing the identification of the Additional Price Points.


AirShopping for Cheapest using "BestPricingOption "C"". Returns only the cheapest fares for each flight solution, combining Fare Families. Kept very light by not including any disclosures.


Various bug fixes including new errors/warnings when time-outs occur,. These can include indication that the OrderList should be used to check if  the Order has been created, or OrderRetrieve to check if the Order has been processed correctly.


Improved handling of Code-Share services. Sales rejected if possitive acknowledgment not received from Operating carrier. 
R2.46-2.48  Iberia Frequent Flyers information can now be included in the Order. Improved handling of Credit Card Payments. Various bug fixes and internal enhancements. 
R2.49-2.50(2019.08) Iberia Frequent Flyer Tier applied when purchasing Seats and Bags. Various bug fixes and internal enhancements. 



Connection to the Iberia NDC API is via the Mashery API Management Platform An api key will be provided by Iberia upon request.

Which Type of connection should I have?

There are two types of connections, Direct Connect and via NDC Aggregator/Service Provider .

Direct Connection

If you are planning to connect directly to Iberia NDC API using your own implementation or one created for you by an IT Service Provider that is providing a unique service to you.

For this you will require a Mashery user and API Key to connect to our services which can be obtained from here.

Once you have a Mashery User you can register to access our API here

**IMPORTANT NOTICE** Please ensure all messages are sent using GZIP to ensure the best possible service.

Indirect Connection

If you prefer to use a third party NDC Aggregator/Service Provider that provides the service to more than one Seller through the same connection to the Iberia NDC API, then you will still need to be registered with Iberia.

If you are looking for an NDC Aggregator/NDC Service Provider to provide you with this service you can find those certified by IATA here.

Once you have spoken to your Aggregator/Service Provider then please use this form to register and accept the terms and conditions.


If you are an IATA Agency and you want to be certified to use our NDC Services it is mandatory that you develop at least the following endpoints:

  • AirShopping
  • FlightPrice
  • OrderCreate
  • AirDocIssue (To be able to sell non Instant Purchase offers without payment in OrderCreate)
  • ItinReShop
  • OrderCancel (Without OrderCancel refunds can not be processed)

Useful documentation and resources

In the following file you can find a list of all the Origin and Destinations that Iberia sell through NDC

Airline Profile

Release Notes And Examples which we hope will find even more helpful

And some even asked us for a WSDL, so here it is, and again if you require the updated version please contact us.

WSDL Files v15-16

WSDL Files v17

SOAP UI Quick start

We´re not perfect

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