Aggregator / Service Providor

We welcome any Aggregator wishing to develop direct access to our API, to subsequently offer their services to Sellers.

First, please check if we cover the market where your sellers wish to operate here.

Then, please note that access to our API is controlled using the Mashery API Management Platform, so the first thing you will need is a Mashery User obtainable from here.

Once you have a Mashery User you can register to access our API here.

Please ensure you have applied for a Pre-Live key BEFORE applying for a Live Key to avoid rejection.

Once you have a Pre-Live key we suggest you also register in our Service Desk tool, as all support issues are handled through it.

If you´re a Seller wishing to sell using our NDC via an Aggregator/Service Provider then, once you have spoken to your Aggregator/Service Provider then please use this form to register and accept the terms and conditions.