Functional Description

The ItinReshop API is used to shop for changes to the itinerary of an existing Order.

Today you can change the date, time and class of flight(s). Change of routing is under developement.

When using the action type pair "Delete/Create" the response will include the various offers available.

The action type "Reprice" is similar to a FlightPrice and returns the details (conditions, etc...) of the offer selected.


ItinReshop RQ/RS is available in IATA NDC Schema versions 16.2 and 17.2 as OrderReshop.

Version 16.2

Version 17.2


ActionType Use/ Description
Delete & Create

This combination allows to look for new availabilities for date, time and/or cabin for an initial booking.

  • Flight changes are only permitted over those ones with all coupons are in open for use/airport control status.
  • Allows searching for all passengers of the booking or only some of them.
  • Limited to searches for the same number of segments and same airport codes of the initial booking.


Allows selecting and pricing one of the offer resulting on previous itin reshop Delete & Create.

  • Previous call to itin reshop D&C is mandatory.


To know in advance what is the devolution of a partial or total refund of a specific group of passengers (not all passenger of the order).

Passenger/s can be deleted when at least one coupon is in Open for Use/Airport Control status.
Cancel / Refund

To know in advance what is the cost of a partial or total refund for an initial booking.

  • At least one coupon have to be in Open for Use/Airport Control status.