BaggageList / ServiceList

The BaggageList (v15.2) or ServiceList (v17.2) returns a catalogue of baggage items for the selected Offer or Order.

Bags can be purchased as part of the Shopping flow following the FlightPrice, or as part of a servicing flow after the initial Order has been created.

However, Bags cannot be pre-booked/purchased unless the Order is or has been paid for in full and ticketed.

Please note that new functionality will only be released in the latest version. So if you are new to our API and want to be certified please use the 17.2 version.

Those of you who are already using our API are recommended to migrate to the 17.2 version.

For functional and technical documentation with example messages and flows please select one of the of the following:

Version 16.2

Version 17.2