Functional Description

The OrderCreate service generates a booking for the supplied itinerary and passenger details, returning an OrderID.

Subject to the conditions of the Offer a time limit may be proffered or instant purchase may be required.

The payment methods available today are Credit Card payment (for Non-IATA entities) and Cash (for IATA Travel Agents).

Actually, in an order generation could be up to 16 flight segments, which corresponds to 4 tickets associated.

Although the Order Create service is stateless it is assumed that in most cases it will be called as part of a specific sequence such as:

  • AirShopping
  • FlightPrice (Direct or through a previous Air Shopping)
    • SeatAvailability (if Seat selection is required)
    • BaggageList (if pre-purchased excess baggage is required)
  • OrderCreate


OrderCreate RQ/RS is available in IATA NDC Schema versions 16.2 and 17.2

Version 16.2

Version 17.2


Functionality Use Examples Complete Flows(All RQ/RS)
Basic The reservation can be made with or without payment. If you do not have payment, the reservation will have a TimeLimit.
  • OrderCreate - One Way.zip
  • OrderCreate - Round Trip.zip
  • OrderCreate - 1 Adult 1 Child 1 Infant.zip
  • OrderCreate - 7ADT - MultiCity - 5 Airports.zip
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Payments Methods

These reservations can be made with this payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card

Also, we can create an order without payment. To issue the tickets and EMDs, we need to call AirDocIssue service to pay the order we created without payment.


  • OrderCreate - Cash.zip
  • OrderCreate - Credit Card .zip
  • OrderCreate - No Payment.zip
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Private Fare It will give the possibility to obtain orders with  private fares. To obtain this behaviour, the request must provide a fare preference type with the 758 code (private fares one) and the suitable product code to be applied.
  • OrderCreate - Private Fare.zip
  • OrderCreate - 1ADT - Resident and Family Discount - Private Fare.zip
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Resident Discount

Unique to the Spanish market, you are able to create orders with Resident Discount, also combineable with the Large Family Discount. It is implemented for Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Melilla and only with POINT OF SALE SPAIN.To obtain the discount, the flight has to have an Origin/Destination airport included in this modality.

The types of residents are:

  • RC (Residente Canarias)
  • BP (Residente Baleares)
  • RM (Residente Melilla)
  • BI (Para en interior de Baleares)
  • DC (Para el interior de Canarias)

There are some restrictions in resident discount

  • All the resident discount must been selling in spain market.
  • Can't be two types of resident discount in the same reserve.
  • The routes of the trip must have the departure or arrival in once of the cities of the resident discount.
  • Passenger document type, if it is informed must be DNI or NIE.
  • OrderCreate - Balearic Resident.zip
  • OrderCreate - Canary Resident.zip
  • OrderCreate - Melilla Resident.zip
  • OrderCreate - Cash - Resident & LF - Service Fee.zip
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Large Family

Also unique to the Spanish market, you are able to create orders with Large Family Discount, combineable with the Resident Discount. Only applicable to Spanish domestic flights and with POINT OF SALE SPAIN.

The types of residents are:

  • F1 (General Discount - 3 children)
  • F2 (Special Discount - More than 3 children)

There are some restrictions in large family discount

  • All the large familydiscount must been selling in Spain market.
  • Can't be two types of large familydiscount in the same reserve.
  • Passenger document type, if it is informed must be DNI or NIE.
  • OrderCreate - Large Family F1 Type.zip
  • OrderCreate - Large Family F2 Type.zip
  • OrderCreate - Cash - Resident & LF - Service Fee.zip
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Seats And Bags

Seats can be booked at the same time as the flights.

Up to 9 additional bags, per adult or child, can be purchased at the same time as the flights.

Both seats and bags can also be added as part of the servicing flow.

  • OrderCreate - 1ADT - RT (Indirect Flight) - EUR - 2 Baggage each Slice and Seat.zip
  • OrderCreate - Add a baggage.zip
  • OrderCreate - Add a seat.zip
  • OrderCreate - 1ADT 1CHD 1INF - With Baggage and Seat for each one.zip
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Special Needs

The ability to request special services is implemented for:

  • BLND (Blind)
  • DEAF (Deaf Passenger)
  • DPNA (Disabled Passenger)
  • ESAN (Emotional Support Animal)
  • SVAN (Service Animal)
  • WCHR (Wheelchair for Ramp)
  • WCHS (Wheelchair for Steps)
  • OrderCreate - 1ADT - DISA with BLND and SVAN.zip
  • OrderCreate - 1ADT - DISA with DEAF and SVAN.zip
  • OrderCreate - 1ADT - DISA with DPNA and ESAN.zip
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Agency Contact / Passenger Emergency Contact

It will give you the possibility to accept telephone numbers of less than 9 characters with the country code separately. It is implemented to:

  • Several passengers with / without country code.

  • Several passengers with emergency contact with / without country code.

  • Agency contact with / without country code.

  • Payer data with / without country code.

  • Order Create - PhoneContact.zip
  • OrderCreate - RT - Cash - Agency Contact & Passengers Emergency Contact.zip
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Participants / Participant / TravelAgencyParticipant / Contacts / Contact / EmailContact / Address

To ensure that the correct communication is sent to the Travel Agency and/or the Passengers, it is imperative that both contact information fields are included in the Order.

  • Travel Agency contact information is required to ensure that Iberia can send to the Travel Agency all necessary notifications to enable them to manage their customers appropriately.
  • Passenger contact information, as per IATA Resolution 830d, is required to ensure that Iberia can notify the passenger when there are operational disruptions. These may occur outside of working hours, when the Travel Agency is not able to contact the Passenger directly. Iberia will not use this contact information for commercial purposes

Remarks - External Reference

It will give the possibility to include an External Reference in the system for future correlation. This reference will be saved in database and showed in OrderViewRS from OrderCreate, OrderRetrieve and OrderChange services.

The max length for this reference is 30 characters. If the limit is exceeded, the reference will be saved only with 30 characters.

If this reference is not saved in database, OrderViewRS from OrderCreate will show an Warning message with the following text: "The Reserve Reference has not been registered in NDC". This message will be not appears in OrderViewRS from OrderRetrieve and OrderChange services.

  • OrderCreate - Remark - Less than 30 characters.zip
  • OrderCreate - Remark - More than 30 characters.zip
  • OrderCreate - Remark - Many Remarks.zip
  • OrderCreate - Remark - Incorrect IATA code.zip
  • OrderCreate - Remark - Without ID XRef.zip
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Frequent Flyer

Iberia Frequent Flyer information can be included in the OrderCreate for all passengers (except infants) and will be validated.

If we are unable to validate the Iberia Frequent Flyer number and name then the Order will be created and the OrderView will be returned with a warning.


If incorrect Frequent Flyer information is sent (i.e. other airline code, without numbers, etc) then an error will be returned and no Order created.

  • OrderCreate - FrecuentFlyer - Error INF passenger.zip
  • OrderCreate - FrecuentFlyer - FQTV para 3ADT y 3CHD.zip
  • OrderCreate - FrecuentFlyer - Validaciones de campos.zip
  • OrderCreate - Cash - 1 ADT - FF Not Validated.zip
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(Fiscal ID)

The possibility to include Fiscal ID associated to passengers. This information is mandatory for Orders to be paid and issued in Ecuador & Perú.