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Getting started with our API

Welcome to Iberia Airlines´ NDC.

Functional and Technical Documention - Has now moved HERE

Access unique content and functionality not available through other indirect channels.


We offer various ways of accessing out NDC content. Which one should you use?

Which Type of connection should you have?

There are two types of connections, Direct Connect and via NDC Aggregator/Service Provider .

Direct Connection

If you are a Seller planning to connect directly to the Iberia NDC API using your own implementation or one created for you by an IT Service Provider that is providing a unique service to you, then please go to this page

If you are an Aggregator planning to use your connection to the Iberia NDC API to offer a service to Travel Agency Sellers, then please go to this page.


Indirect Connection

If you are Seller and prefer to use a third party NDC Aggregator/Service Provider that can provide you with a  connection to the Iberia NDC API, in addition to other airlines, then please see this page..

Once you have spoken to your Aggregator/Service Provider then please use this form to register and accept the terms and conditions.


If you are an IATA Agency and you want to be certified to use our NDC Services it is mandatory that you develop at least the following endpoints:

  • AirShopping
  • FlightPrice
  • OrderCreate
  • AirDocIssue (To be able to sell non Instant Purchase offers without payment in OrderCreate)
  • ItinReShop (To at least know the refundable amount due before canceling an Order)
  • OrderCancel (Without OrderCancel refunds can not be processed)

Functional and Technical Documention - Has now moved HERE

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