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Shop and Order

Shop and Order (NDC)

The services grouped together in this API plan will allow you to shop for flight products, price a shopping basket then order and pay.

To decide if this plan is for you, read the documentation by selecting one of the services listed below.


Shop and Order Shop and Order
Air Shopping Returns flight product prices for requested origin and destination, cabin and date. Provides the cheapest available offer and higher classes of service together with their product descriptions.
Flight Price Returns a price quote and product description for the specified flight product and priced options to upgrade to a higher cabin or more flexible service.
Seat Availability Displays a priced seatmap
Order Create Creates a booking and issues tickets for the supplied itinerary and passenger details, returning a booking reference. Takes card payment or cash payment to an IATA agency.
Order Retrieve Retrieves an existing Order.
Order Change Adds a paid seat selection to an existing order.
Itin Reshop Provides the amount to be refunded should the agent cancel the booking. Should a change be needed or made to the booking it will provide any required additional collection details or residual values as applicable.
Order Cancel Cancels a booking and triggers refund process (if applicable).
Service List

Provides a list of services to add to your booking such as excess baggage, pre-paid catering and special assistance.

Air Doc Issue

Provides IATA accredited agents, new retailers and service providers the ability to pay for a held booking as per IATA NDC schema standards.

Although the APIs are stateless, it is recommended (and assumed) that they will be called as part of the following sequence of Shop and Order APIs

  1. AirShopping
  2. FlightPrice
  3. SeatAvailability (where advance seat selection is requested)
  4. OrderCreate
  5. OrderRetrieve
  6. OrderChange
  7. Itin Reshop
  8. OrderCancel
  9. ServiceList
  10. AirDocIssue

The Shop and Order API plan forms part of the BA NDC Pilot

For access to the Shop and Order API plan, you will need to apply for a test plan key (below), and complete the Certification Process detailed here.

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