NDC Services


Service IATA Description
AirShopping 15.2

Returns priced availability offers for requested origin and destination, cabin and date.It returns the cheapest available offer together with higher classes of service and their product descriptions. 
Provides all the offers with the total amount and the cabin class.

FlightPrice 16.2 Returns a price quote and product description for the specified flight product including the taxes, fare details, penalties, special needs, flight details, etc.
SeatAvailiability 15.2 Displays priced seatmaps for the flights in the selected offer.
BaggageList 15.2 Displays a baggage catalogue of items for the selected offer.
OrderCreate 16.2

Creates a booking for the supplied itinerary and passenger details, returning an OrderID. 
Subject to the offers conditions a time limit may be offered or instant purchase may be required. 
The payment methods available are Card payment and Cash payment.

OrderRetrieve 16.2 Retrieves an existing Order.
OrderChange 16.2

Allows orders to be changed. Presently this service allows fhe following:

  • Changing the contact phone number and e-mails.
  • Name Correction (up to 3 characters)
  • Purchase of Seats and Bags
  • Change of date
  • Change of time
  • Change of class
  • Cancel and refund partially used Orders
AirDocIssue 16.2 This service is to pay for an existing order for which the time limit  has not expired. 
ItinReShop 16.2

There are two options:

  • "cancel" that provides the amount to be refunded should the agent cancel the booking.
  • "reprice" that provides the current amount of the order.
OrderCancel 16.2 Cancel an existing Order.
OrderList 16.2 Returns a list of orders that have been created previously. The list returned will only contain those Orders created by the same entity requesting the list.

Endpoints and Api_key

  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/AirShopping/v1
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/FlightPrice/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/SeatAvailability/v1
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/BaggageAvailability/v1
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/OrderCreate/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/OrderRetrieve/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/OrderCancel/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/ItinReshop/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/AirDocIssue/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/OrderChange/v2
  • https://test.api.iberia.com/iberia/beta/ndc/OrderList/v2

Click here to download an archive containing examples of all the above mentioned requests and responses.

Soap UI Project

In the ‘Custom Properties’ of the project you must type the following information:

All the Test Cases have a “Select Token” which select your Api_key from the ‘Custom Properties’ and this is introduced in the header of each Test Step.

If all the data is correct, you will get this information in the raw request

POST https://test.api.ba.com/iberia/beta/ndc/AirShopping/v1 HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate
Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8
SOAPAction: "http://www.ib.com/wsdl/dist/Shopping/AirShopping"
api_key: ********************
Content-Length: 1248 
Host: test.api.ba.com 
Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Agent:Apache-HttpClient/4.1.1(java 1.5)

The SoapUi Project has the following Test Suites which describe different casuistics:

  • One Way
  • Round Trip
  • Direct Fare
  • Get Fare
  • Changes

And here you have the SoapUI project.