Standard Status Codes

Below are the standard status codes returned when a request is made to an API. Some APIs have additional/different status codes, so it is important to check individual API pages for further details.

Status Code Meaning Description
200 Ok The request was successful and at least 1 item is being returned
400 Bad Request Sent when the consumer sends a malformed request to the service. The actual error message is returned in the response body
401 Unauthorised Returned when the consumer is not authenticated to use the API
403 Forbidden Returned when the consumer is authenticated but does not have permission to access the Resource
404 Not found Returned when no matching flights can be found e.g. request to get flight arrival information for a route we don't fly
406 Not Acceptable Returned when the Accept header contains version / mime type info which we don't support
500 Internal Server Error Something has gone wrong - please raise this as a bug with us
503 Service Unavailable Returned when the server is temporarily unable to handle the request